Samos Today

Today, Samos possesses a rich network of tourist facilities and services that favor a different kind of economic development. Apart from its natural beauty, the beautiful beaches and the rich vegetation, other attractions for the visitor include the archaeological areas of Ireon and Tunnel of Eupalinus, the archaeological and the Byzantine museum, the Public Library and the Historical Archives, as well as the paleontological museum with its impressive exhibition at the village of Mytilinii.

One can also visit the monasteries such as Megali Panagia, Panagia Vrontiani, Agia Zoni, Zoodochu Pigi. Particularly interesting are the industrial buildings, at Karlovasi, the tobacco warehouses at the city of Samos, the wine warehouses in Ag. Konstantinos and many other places that reflect the culture of older Samos. Every village, with the church, the school, the structure of the houses round the square, the gardens, the vineyards and the small olive trees, as well as the small churches in the mountains that spread along the most beautiful areas,attracting every visitor.

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